EVL-B LED ATEX/IECEx – Zones 1/21/2/22 – Lowbay / Projecteur

The new LED EVL -… B series floodlights combines a light and compact design with great versatility, ease of installation and high lighting performance thanks to high intensity and efficiency LED plates which may be combined along with lens available with light beam with different shades. The EVL -… B series consists of two sizes that can replace traditional floodlights with discharge lamps of low and medium power: EVL-60B floodlight reaches 2.270 lm while the EVL-70B one has a light output of 3.700 lm. The design of the finned body, made of aluminium alloy, acts as a heat dissipater for the LED plate, allowing a fast and effective dispersion of heat generated by the normal operation of the LEDs. Furthermore, the air particles around the floodlight do not ionize, an intrinsic characteristic of LED technology that limits the attraction of dust and insects thanks to the absence of UV emission. EVL -… B series floodlights can be powered through an electric cable and a simple ‘Ex e’ cable gland (no barrier). Moreover, an opposed plugged hole permits the through wiring connection. EVL-60B series floodlight can be supplied, on request, with colored LED to meet special needs such as the signalling of avoiding/forbidden hazardous areas (red), the presence of chemicals (green) or the need to ward off wild animals and insects (yellow).

Low copper content aluminium alloy body and ring. Shock resistant tempered glass.. High efficiency optics. Stainless steel bolts and screws. Silicone gaskets. Galvanized steel swiveling supporting bracket. Cable gland REV1IB and plug PLG1IB in nickel-plated brass. Epoxy coating Ral 7035.

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