REV – Presse-étoupe pour câble non armé

REV series cable glands are suitable for use in hazardous areas with danger of explosion to enable direct insertion of non-armored cables into explosion-proof junction boxes, lighting fixtures, plugs and sockets, etc… They are provided with one sealing ring which tightens the incoming cable ensuring the ‘Ex d’ way of protection and the IP 66/67. Designed with a single opening key, they are less bulky and easier to install. Thanks to their structure, they are particularly suitable both in harsh application, such as marine one, and places subjected to stress and mechanical shock as it often happens in all those places of the “heavy” industry where safety is a top priority. REV series cable glands has three types of protection ‘Ex d’, ‘Ex e’ and ‘Ex tb’.

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Body in nickel-plated brass Sealing ring Compression ring in plastic material. ISO 7/1, NPT and isometric threads.

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