NEVP – Presse-étoupe pour câble armé gainé

NEV series cable glands are suitable for use in areas with the risk of explosion, allowing the direct insertion of nonarmoured cables in explosion proof enclosures. They are supplied with a sealing ring which is stretched over the cable at the inlet to guarantee ‘Ex d’ execution, and a second compression ring which is stretched over the cable armour at the outlet to guarantee an IP 66/68 protection rating. The result is a cable gland which provides maximum performance in terms of reliability and safety over time, is compatible with a wide range of the main, commercially available cables, and complies with the most recent applicable regulations. Their structure makes them suitable for environments which are particularly difficult, such as marine environments, or where there are subjected to the mechanical stresses and impacts which often occur in heavy industry, where safety is the utmost priority.

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Body in nickel-plated brass. Two sealing rings. ISO 7/1, NPT and isometric threads.

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